Geese Harassment

Migratory Canadian geese and Residential Canadian geese start showing up to raise a new family each.  Some are just passing through and others stay for the whole season. We are a professional geese harassment company trained and certified in the removal of nests, their eggs and their everyday presence on your property. We do this with well trained geese dogs that enjoy their work by moving the geese on their way while not hurting them. Geese then move onto easier areas where they're not harassed each day. Geese like the easy life as do most of us. We make it hard for them to enjoy staying on your landscaped property. 


Call a professional to deal with Federally protected geese.



Geese Eggs Removal

Canadian Geese lay eggs each year and that becomes their home for their lives and all of the little ones they produce. There are over 7 million Canadian Geese in North America these days. Pairs mate up and start the circle of life that brings them back to your place each year with more and more to follow. We are licensed to remove eggs which have been laid on your property. First, you will need a permit from the Indiana Natural Resources from the link below. Once you have filled out the permit, give us a call and we should be out to take care of your problem within 48 hours on weekdays. Extra fees on weekends. 

Geese capture and relocation in June

Many Geese have become residential geese meaning that they no longer care to fly on their normal migration routes over the North American Continent. Each year about in or around June the geese start their molting season when they can't fly while they wait for their new feathers to come in. This is the time we go in with our licensed by the Indiana Natural Resources to gather the birds and their off spring to a less urbana and more natural habitat area for them to go about raising a family without bothering humans. Below is a link to obtain a permit that you need to have filled out before we can move the geese. 

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