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Are the Canadian geese showing up to have a party on your properties? We'll take care of that problem for you. Your tenants will be glad that you did so. They won't have to worry about where they or their children can relax, walk and play!

This is the time of year when migratory Canadian geese start showing up to raise a new family.  Some are just passing through and others stay for the whole spring/summer. We are a professional geese harassment company trained and certified in the removal of nests, their eggs and their everyday presence on your property. We do this with well trained geese dogs that enjoy their work by moving the geese on their way while not hurting them. Geese then move onto easier areas where they're not harassed each day. Geese like the easy life as do most of us. We make it hard for them to enjoy staying on your landscaped property. 

Give us a call today for a free quote before it's too late to do anything about them for this year. We will come out to inspect your property and give you a written proposal for the work to be done. 

We have a first time customer special going on now until June 1, 2022 for 25% off the first month with a one season service contract. Call now at 317-840-7218. 

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Our family-run business company has a long tradition in the industry. It was founded in 2003 by Leah DeBoy. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to in order to guarantee that all of our clients are 100% satisfied.

Geese: Peace was never an option!

 Watch this informative Animalogic piece on YouTube.



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