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Geese Removal, Indianapolis IN

Looking for Geese management services in Indianapolis? Need Geese nest and egg removal? Welcome to GeeseAway, LLC, located in Whitestone, IN and providing Geese control services throughout Indianapolis. Contact us at 317-840-7218 or 317-769-5063.

Since 2003, GeeseAway, LLC has been serving the residents and commercial property owners on Marion and the surrounding areas with goose removal services. Canadian Geese, with their aggressive nesting habits, are known to cause a great deal of problems, including personal injury, landscape destruction, and messiness. To help eliminate the problem, we use trained herding dogs to discourage the geese and remove them from your property. We Goose Your Geese!

Since they were placed on the endangered species list in 1963, Canadian Geese have more than tripled in population, especially in the Indianapolis, IN area where the many small ponds, short grasses, and the near-by reservoir offer an ideal habitat for nesting and family raising.

Canadian Geese Are:

  • Aggressive: When nesting and raising a family, they will attack anything.
  • Messy: They defecate once every 6 minutes.
  • Destructive: They are grazers who can destroy a lawn in a very short time.

According to federal regulation it is against the law to harm these geese, allowing them to develop into a very real nuisance as well as a health threat. Call the experts at GeeseAway of Indianapolis, IN to find out what you can do to get rid of them!

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